About Us

Randik can provide you or your company with any number of services. The following are just a partial list of areas that Randik specializes in.

CARPET CARE CONSULTANT – Shampoos, Emulsifiers, Spotters, Stain Removers Pre-Treatments, Soil Retardants, Protectors, Upholstery Cleaners

SANITATION CONSULTANT – Floor Cleaners, Hand Lotions, Sterilizing Agents, Powdered Cleaners, Degreasers, Germicides, Soaps, Insecticides, Sanitizers, Bowl Cleaners, Powder and Liquid Detergents, Deodorants, Disinfectants, Restroom Equipment and Supplies, Cleaning Chemical Management Systems (3Mtm)

FLOOR MAINTENANCE SPECIALISTS – Waxes, Synthetic Floor Finishes, Strippers, Cleaners, Floor and Gym Seals, Brooms, Floor Matting, Sweeping Compounds, Brushes, Rug Cleaning Equipment, Carpet Extractors

EQUIPMENT – Floor Machines, Industrial Vacuums (Wet & Dry), Pressure Washers, Automatic Scrubbers, Rug Cleaning Equipment, Carpet Extractors

JANITORIAL SUPPLIES – Sanitary Paper Products, Poly Liners, Disposable Wipes, Disposable Garments, Floor and Hand Pads, Gloves, Mops (Wet & Dry), Rug Dusters

JANITORIAL EQUIPEMENT – Buckets, Wringers, Ladders, Waste Receptacles, Maid’s Carts, Hand Trucks, Squeegees, Towel/Tissue Dispensers, Soap Dispensers, Extension Poles, Spray Bottles, Odor Control Dispensers, Handles

PACKING MATERIALS – Stretch Film, Box and Bin Liners, Pallet Covers, Custom Film, Stock and Custom Corrugated Boxes (Sheets and Rolls), Tapes and Dispensers, Foam and Bubble Wrap, Poly and Paper Bags, Wrapping Paper